Schedule cabinet refinishing service in Durham, NC

When you need your cabinets revamped, start looking for high-quality painters you can afford. Exceptional Painting has been providing cabinet refinishing services to the Durham, NC area since 1995. Our team knows exactly what it takes to deliver high-quality service every time. Contact us today to schedule cabinet refinishing service.

Your cabinets aren't perfect, but don't throw them away

Purchasing new cabinets is expensive. Instead of giving up on your current cabinets, hire our team to make them look like new. Through our cabinet resurfacing service, we will:

  • Sand and strip the cabinets
  • Repair cracks and dents
  • Prepare the cabinets for painting
  • Re-stain or paint the cabinets
After our team is done with them, your cabinets will look like they were just installed yesterday. Save time and money by calling 919-598-6471 today to schedule a cabinet resurfacing appointment.